Chapter 560: What Was That Thing!?

In the same moment that he produced the Eternal Parasol, he also pulled out countless paper talismans, which he plastered all over himself. At the moment, his mind was empty of anything other than thinking of ways to buy time.

When Mistress Red-Dust’s palm attack hit the Eternal Parasol, a massive boom filled the air. Cracking sounds could be heard, as if the Eternal Parasol couldn’t sustain the force. Fissures appeared on its surface, and the ghost face twisted as if in agony.

The parasol was then ripped out of Bai Xiaochun’s hand and sent tumbling to the side. There was no time for him to think about retrieving it as he was sent flying backward, blood spraying out of his mouth. The shield layers created by his paper talismans were so thick that they almost didn’t fit inside of the sepulcher, and when Mistress Red-Dust’s palm slammed into them, the result was astonishing.


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