Chapter 559: Beaten But Not To Death

In the same moment that Mistress Red-Dust destroyed the stone stele, it activated some unseen restrictive spell. The slowly-fading golden light dragon suddenly opened its eyes, causing all of the light shooting out of the holes in the walls to suddenly change direction and sweep through the crumbling sepulcher.

The golden dragon vanished, and in the blink of an eye, the entire sepulcher was filled with dazzling, colorful shafts of light. Most of them landed on Mistress Red-Dust, causing her face to fall.

The light possessed some corrosive power that instantly dissolved Mistress Red-Dust’s clothing, revealing her milky white skin. Then, glowing red dots appeared on her that began to eat down into her skin, a corrosive attack that required cultivation base power to fight against. Magical items were useless against it, and therefore, Mistress Red-Dust waved her hand in an attempt to destroy the light-emitting...

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