Chapter 549: Your Comeuppance Is At Hand, Bai Xiaochun

Bai Xiaochun was extremely happy to see Zhou Yixing, and felt like he had just run into an old friend. After all, he hadn't seen any other living beings for quite some time.

To unexpectedly run into Zhou Yixing right here left Bai Xiaochun feeling as if the two of them were connected by destiny somehow.

Plus, the fact that he ended up profiting handsomely every time they met got him very excited.

“Don’t run, Zhou Yixing!” he shouted. “I'm not gonna take that bow of yours! Get the attention of these 2,000 paper people, okay, my lucky star!?”

The joy in Bai Xiaochun’s voice caused Zhou Yixing to tremble on the verge of insanity. He truly felt as if he had fallen into more bad luck than was possible in one lifetime....

You’re the lucky star! Everyone in your family is a lucky star!!!” Rage filled him...

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