Chapter 547: Sshhh....

“That was really a nice bow....” Bai Xiaochun thought, licking his lips. The more he pondered how amazing the bow was, the more excited he got, and at the same time, realized he had put on too good of an act earlier. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have ended up scaring his lucky star away.  [1] 

“I probably shouldn’t call him Mr. Gorilla in the future. What a pity this labyrinth is so big. Most likely I won’t run into him again.” Sighing, he realized that he already missed Zhou Yixing.

A moment later, he looked back down at the fire soul arrow with its elevenfold spirit enhancement. The arrow only continued to leave him more shaken, especially with the way it seemed to flicker back and forth between illusory and corporeal. The longer he looked at it, the more he felt like it was tugging at his own soul.

“Is the arrow itself extraordinary, or... or is it the elevenfold spirit enhancement that’s made it so incredible?!” Taking a deep breath, he thought back to the Heavenhorn Sword back in the River-Defying...

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