Chapter 546: An Arrow With A Golden Design!

Booms echoed back and forth in the tunnel as the true power of the Eternal Parasol was put on full display. Not a single one of the eighteen soul arrows harmed it in the least, and although Bai Xiaochun couldn’t see the bizarre face on the top of the parasol, Zhou Yixing could.

To Zhou Yixing, the smiling face looked hair-raisingly terrifying, and even reminded him of the red hats from before.

“What the hell kind of parasol is that!?” he thought, his scalp tingling. As for the frigid qi in the area, it was so cold that he felt himself shivering inside.

It was a moment of deadly crisis in which Zhou Yixing’s eyes shone with madness as he flew backward. This time, instead of summoning soul arrows, he pulled a new type of arrow out of his bag of holding!

It was bright red and emanated intense heat, which caused the frigid qi in the area to tremble on the verge of collapse....

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