Chapter 544: Sacrifice Of Flesh And Blood!

Bai Xiaochun’s face went completely ashen, and not because his cultivation base had been affected, but because of the fear he felt; within the group of hundred gathered in the square, there were a few with Nascent Soul cultivation bases. That left Bai Xiaochun feeling thoroughly petrified.

He started backing up, and yet, had only taken a step when he realized that there were people in the square that he recognized.

“Zhao Long.... Master God-Diviner....” The two of them were behaving just like everyone else in the square, staring at the platter of blood-soaked buns, their expressions those of savage madness.

By this point, Bai Xiaochun was starting to struggle over what to do.

“Zhao Long has been a loyal and devoted follower of mine for years now. Back when I got stuck on the battlefield, he led the charge to try to reach me....” Slowly but surely, Bai Xiaochun’s eyes were starting to turn bloodshot.

“I'm the...

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