Chapter 535: Roster

An enigmatic smile could be seen on Bai Lin’s face, evidence of his approval of the reminder Bai Xiaochun had offered just now. After all, there were some things that weren’t appropriate for Bai Lin to directly say himself. Looking at the major generals, he nodded.

“All of you have seen those black pillars of light,” he said. “As I'm sure many of you have already deduced, there have been some dramatic developments regarding the necropolis in that direction.

“By this point, the necropolis has completely collapsed, revealing an entrance within an entrance, a path that leads to a shocking labyrinth.

“Outside of the entrance is a stone stele, upon which is a line of text that clearly indicates a deva soul exists inside the labyrinth!” 

No one responded. As for Bai Xiaochun, his heart skipped a beat. Moments ago, he had finally been calming down, only to suddenly be as tense as a taut bowstring. Although he had guessed that the deva soul would be connected to the necropolis, he had hoped it wouldn’t be the case. He couldn’t help but think...

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