Chapter 532: Wronged!

Strangely, no matter how powerful the attacks of the Wildlanders seemed, Bai Lin and the other generals didn’t issue any orders for their soldiers to fight back. Instead, they were ordered to stay behind the shield.

In fact, as the shield retreated, they retreated!

The only fighting that went on was with any necromancers who were able to pierce through the shield itself!

As of this moment, the battle seemed somewhat lopsided. Countless savage giants roared forth to attack the shield, which was slowly being pushed back across the battlefield.

The cultivators of the five legions were pulling back until the point that they were in the shadow of the wall itself. Anxiety was mounting among the soldiers, and yet the eyes of Bai Lin and the other four generals glittered brightly, as though they were waiting for just the right moment to order a counter attack.

“And that should do it....” Bai Lin murmured, looking both edgy and eager at the same time.

Even as the cultivators continued to fall back, the huge eye atop the pagoda in the...

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