Chapter 527: You're The Major General?!

“The next step is to figure out a way to break through it!” Taking a deep breath, Bai Xiaochun reined in the life force, whereupon his entire body began to glow with black light.

At the same time, an intense fleshly body power coursed through him, to the point where simply clenching his fist caused cracking sounds to explode out.

Most shocking of all was the speed he was now capable of. Eyes flickering, he waved his sleeve to open his secluded meditation room, and then took a step out.

The instant his foot fell, he vanished. Although it almost seemed like a teleportation, it wasn’t. It was just incredible speed that instantly took him out of the room and up into the air above.

As he hovered there in the air above the 3rd Corps’ garrison, he realized that a bird was flying in front of him, its wings beating very slowly, a look of shock on its face. Then he looked around and noticed...

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