Chapter 526: New Major General?

Song Que chuckled coldly, convinced that this time, he would soon be crushing Bai Xiaochun ten times over. He could even visualize himself stomping Bai Xiaochun underfoot and forcing him to beg for mercy.

“You dare to call yourself my uncle?! Well this time I’m going to make you call me grandfather!” The thought of Bai Xiaochun groveling mournfully filled Song Que’s vicious heart with pleasant warmth.

Of course, he had received absolutely no news about Bai Xiaochun’s escapades in Great Wall City. After his three years in isolation from the world, he had rushed directly back toward the Great Wall, with no way of knowing how much things had changed.

It was with a heart surging with pride that Song Que finally arrived at the Great Wall and laid eyes on the enormous spell formation shield. Of course, before he and his group could even get close to the shield, cold gazes filled with killing intent locked onto them.

Then, an icy voice rang out from the wall.

“Who goes there?!”

Song Que’s expression flickered, and he...

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