Chapter 525: Proud Song Que

“If things keep going on like this,” Bai Xiaochun thought, “I wonder if they’ll increase the reward to an actual deva soul one day?” After thinking about the frightening implications for a moment, he buried such thoughts and then decided that he would never again take a single step outside the Great Wall on his own.

“Hmmmph! If I do have to go out, I’ll take my entire 10,000-man corps with me. I refuse to believe that anyone in the Wildlands can kill me with them around! Of course, there might be some spies among the cultivators here, but I’m in the middle of Great Wall City after all!” Such reasoning left him feeling a bit comforted, but not completely.

“Wait a second. My cultivation base is still too low. I'm only in the great circle of the Gold Core stage. If I want to make a breakthrough, I’ll at least need a full set of deva beast souls. Metal, wood, water, fire, earth....” Although he still had a lot of battle credit, he definitely didn’t have enough to trade for a deva beast soul.

Furthermore, if he wanted...

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