Chapter 524: Taking Command Of The 3rd Corps

“Major general?!” As news spread back in the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect, people were initially taken aback, and then quickly sank into astonishment. Big Fatty Zhang had long since succeeded at forming his Will Core and had been taken in as an apprentice by the hallmaster of the hall of Devil Slayers. He was in the middle of a session of cultivation when the news came in, and was immediately enthused.

“Good job, Xiaochun!!”

Meanwhile, back at the Great Wall, the five legions were in an uproar. Earlier, they had heard Bai Xiaochun’s request, but hadn’t seen any confirmation that the promotion had been granted. But then, moments later, the message was sent out indicating that Bai Xiaochun had indeed become a major general!!

Bai Xiaochun was beside himself with joy as he looked at his identity medallion, and the word “acting” vanish from in front of his rank of major general. Very pleased with himself, he laughed loudly and said,...

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