Chapter 522: The True Spirit Protects Its Food

The sight of 1,000 soul spheres flying out into the open caused jaws to drop everywhere. Ji Feng was so shocked that he wasn’t even sure he could believe what he was seeing. Everything was deathly quiet in the area surrounding the pagoda.

As for the cultivators who were currently in the middle of flying over to the pagoda, when they got close and saw 1,000 soul spheres, their eyes went wide.

“One... one thousand?”

“Heavens! Don’t tell me he actually has 10,000,000 vengeful souls? How is that even possible?!?!”

“There’s no way that each of those soul spheres has 10,000 vengeful souls in it. Is there?”

Everyone was reeling in shock, and Ji Feng was struggling with an intense feeling of unease. Although it was impossible to tell exactly how many souls were inside each of the 1,000 soul spheres, he couldn’t help but get very nervous. Just when he was about to open...

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