Chapter 512: Bring It On! Who Dares To Make A Move!?

Chapter 512: Bring It On! Who Dares To Make A Move!?

Having made his decision, Bai Xiaochun did his best to keep his excitement under control as he sped off into the distance. This time, instead of avoiding all of the random souls, he would walk right up to them and then grab them with the swish of a sleeve.

The entire time, not a single soul noticed him at all.

“Hahaha! Now this is how to get battle credit!” As he went along, he didn’t let a single soul escape.

His collection continued to increase, especially when he ran into larger groups of souls, which was when he would walk right into the middle of them and crush a Soul Convergence Pill in his hand. With a whoosh, all of the souls would then be sucked into his bag of holding.

“So sick! This mask is the key to dominating the Wildlands!” Over the course of the next four hours, he continued to move about to and fro picking up souls, until he had well over 10,000. Unfortunately, that was the best he could do without running into a truly large...

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