Chapter 510: Highway Robbery!

“At one’s darkest hour, a glimmer of hope always appears!” Bai Xiaochun hurried back excitedly to his command center, his mind abuzz with ideas. As soon as he got back, he had Zhao Long bring him a map of the area outside the Great Wall.

After studying the map for a while, he pointed at a little valley barely five kilometers away.

“That's the place!”

Looking a bit surprised, Zhao Long peered down at the valley, which seemed ordinary in every aspect, and was generally a place devoid of signs of life. In fact, he couldn’t think of any reason why Bai Xiaochun would be pointing it out.

“Colonel, what’s so special about that valley?” Zhao Long asked.

Waving his hand in a grand fashion, Bai Xiaochun replied, “According to the intelligence reports I have at my disposal, there’s an early Nascent Soul stage soulhorn deer that lives in that valley. Anyone who can kill that creature and turn in its soulhorn will receive a battle credit reward. Go post the mission immediately.”

“Huh?” Zhao Long said, confused. Soulhorn deer were native to the Wildlands....

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