Chapter 504: The Five Legions Compete

The burly man wore a suit of heavy armor, and looked almost like a mountain. His eyes flickered with a brutal gleam as he glared at the old man and the middle-aged cultivator.

The generals of the Black Demons and the Bane Stars glared back at him, and it almost looked like a fight might break out at any moment.

“Ummm?” Bai Xiaochun said, blinking a few times. Although he was very pleased by the fact that the generals of these three legions were competing over him, he had to conclude that the offer from the Savage Butcherers seemed the best of them all.

However, it was in that very instant that another cold snort echoed out, along with a blast of wind that caused intense rumbling sounds to fill the air. Then, numerous bolts of lightning descended from the sky, which swirled together into the form of a white-haired cultivator.

In the blink of an eye, he was standing there in Bai Xiaochun’s courtyard, lightning crackling beneath his feet, transforming the entire courtyard into something like a lake of lightning.

Of course, the lightning...

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