Chapter 496: I'm Friends With Your Commanding Officer

“Noooo....” Bai Xiaochun screamed. However, the incredible gravitational force simply plucked him off of the wall and sent him flying out into the air and past the spell formation shield.

A sensation of profound crisis filled Bai Xiaochun, rumbling in his mind like heavenly thunder and causing his face to drain of blood.

Even as he screamed, he looked around and realized that there were many other cultivators of the five legions who, just like him, were being sucked toward the enormous mouth behind the pentagon.

Some of them had already reached the mouth itself, and were being shredded into masses of blood and gore. The entire battlefield was shaken by their screams; this was a huge blow to the forces of the Great Wall!

The mouth was like a hungry ghost, and the gravitational force exerted by it caused heaven and earth to grow dim. The screaming winds swept the cultivators...

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