Chapter 495: Devil Bai

The chiefs of the more than one hundred Wildlands tribes were all completely shaken.

During the course of previous skirmishes, the power of the exploding pill furnaces they had seen left them completely shocked. Now, the sheer size of the furnaces they were looking at left them incapable of even breathing.

“They're... they're so huge!!”

“If those ten furnaces explode....” The chiefs’ eyes went wide as their hearts were slammed by waves of shock. And they weren’t the only ones. Upon seeing the furnaces, the tens of thousands of madly charging giants were suddenly overwhelmed by painful memories.

“Devil Bai!!”

“Dammit, it’s that Devil Bai!!” 

In their terror, countless numbers of giants tried to retreat. Devil Bai was the nickname the Wildlands tribes had given to Bai Xiaochun after the appalling scenes of devastation he had wreaked upon them.

Not even Bai Xiaochun was aware that he had been given that nickname, and yet, it was already widely known in the Wildlands.


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