Chapter 494: Not The Time To Fear Death

As Bai Xiaochun’s anxiety mounted, the twists and turns in the battle down below caused the red-garbed young woman fighting Chen Hetian to frown.

However, the intensity of the fight she was participating in ensured that she didn’t have much attention to spare. The blood cloud surrounding her seethed, and rifts snaked out into the sky as a result of the attacks being unleashed.

As the cracking sounds rang out above, some of the rifts even reached down to the ground, almost like lightning bolts that caused huge explosions when they touched the soil.

Bai Xiaochun’s scalp prickled in fear as he watched one of those rifts hit a soul cultivator who was comparable to the Nascent Soul stage. As soon as the rift touched him, he was ripped to shreds, destroyed in body and soul.

“Deva....” he breathed. This was his first time witnessing...

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