Chapter 488: The Might Of The Pill!

The battle outside the Great Wall had been going on for the better part of a year. However, because of the chaos which had played out recently, the Wildlanders had been driven into a fury. At the same time, the savage tribes didn’t dare to show their faces.

Few savage giants could be seen on the battlefield, and those that were visible kept their distance from the wall. There were few beasts either. However, the tide of vengeful souls continued to smash into the wall and the shield. Although this form of attack wasn’t particularly effective, the sheer numbers involved ensured that the shield continue to ripple and emit light.

Clearly, the vengeful souls had no hope of breaking through the defenses of the Great Wall. The magical cannons were firing constantly, and the cultivators of the five legions attacked with surgical precision. As a result, most of the souls which got close were destroyed.

A battle like this had not taken place from the moment the Great Wall came into existence...

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