Chapter 483: I’ll Make Your Pill Furnaces A Thing Of The Past!

“Underworld River water....” Although Bai Xiaochun wasn't sure what that type of water could be used for, he could see that a single drop was extremely expensive. Obviously, it was something very useful for cultivators.

“Perhaps cultivators want Underworld River water... the same way Wildlands soul cultivators want Heavenspan River water?” Although Bai Xiaochun hadn’t been at the Great Wall for very long, he had heard that in the Wildlands, Heavenspan River water was extremely valuable.

Because of that, quite a few people would smuggle it out into the Wildlands to trade with the soul cultivators. Although the practice was strictly forbidden, it was impossible to prevent it from happening altogether.

There was even a black market within Great Wall City itself. However, Bai Xiaochun wasn’t interested in that.

What he was interested in were Nascent Soul Pills!

He quickly found the listing for Nascent Soul Pills, and when he saw...

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