Chapter 477: What Magical Items Were They?!

One of the young guards was so confident in the level of his cultivation base that he didn’t even take out a defensive magical device. As the surrounding grandmasters continued to scorn Bai Xiaochun....

The surfaces of two of the five weakened pill furnaces were suddenly covered with nothing but cracks. Apparently, the energy that had been building up inside them had reached a point that the furnaces couldn’t contain it anymore. Finally, both furnaces exploded.

A wave of energy immediately burst out, filled with shockingly terrifying power. Shrapnel buzzed out in all directions like meteors, accompanied by a heaven-shaking, earth-shattering boom.

As the energy wave spread outward, the air distorted, and brightly colored light flashed in heaven and earth. Everyone in the area felt their ears tingling with pain from the intense noise.

The courtyard’s spell formation was instantly damaged, and although it wasn’t completely destroyed, several enormous holes were punched into...

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