Chapter 469: Necromancers!

Bai Xiaochun looked down wide-eyed at the crater which had been melted by the savage’s blood, and his heart trembled.

“They’re not savages,” he thought, “they’re more like pill furnaces on the verge of exploding.... I can’t believe that’s what happens when you kill them....”

Despite the fact that he was even more nervous than ever, he could tell that Li Hongming was looking at him differently than before, so he forced his chin up and coolly said, “It’s been quite some time that I’ve hoped to feast my eyes on fighting like this. Presumably, battles like this don’t happen very often.”

Li Hongming’s derision for Bai Xiaochun was continuing to lessen, so he smiled and explained, “Of course they do! Small-scale skirmishes like this happen every two or three days.”

Bai Xiaochun would rather have not heard such an explanation, and his heart immediately began to thump. Looking out beyond the wall, he saw a sea of souls, the countless savages, and even certain locations where...

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