Chapter 457: Elder Brother Zhao, You’re Hurt!

After the white shadow vanished, Zhao Tianjiao’s two followers coughed up more mouthfuls of blood. However, because the source of the frigid qi was gone, they were finally able to suppress it, leaving them as ashen-faced as death and looking around with lingering fear.

Both of them felt overwhelmed with grief at how unlucky they were. First, they were attacked by Chen Yueshan, only to be surprised by an actual spirit creature, whereupon they nearly lost their lives.

Of course, the reason for it all was Bai Xiaochun, and as of this moment, they yet again swore to themselves that they would never do anything to provoke him. And in fact, they were already trying to think of ways to curry his favor. After all, if they got swept up in any more of Bai Xiaochun’s sudden brainstorms, they might end up getting killed before they even got to the Wildlands.

As for Chen Yueshan, after looking around to confirm that the white shadow was gone, and the ice spikes surrounding...

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