Chapter 454: Don't Worry, I’ll Take Care Of Everything

Early the next morning, Bai Xiaochun rushed up to the main deck. The past few days, he had become completely wrapped up in helping Zhao Tianjiao pursue Chen Yueshan.

He took great pleasure in the sense of accomplishment it gave him, and as for his Dao protectors, they were also part of the whole effort, so it was with no little curiosity that they also headed up to the deck to see how events would play out.

It was early in the morning, and was somewhat of a stormy day. Great golden waves would occasionally slam into the ship, sending golden water spraying onto the deck.

Heavenspan Sea water could be very dangerous to ordinary cultivators, but top Chosen could endure it for quite some time.

Superstars such as Zhao Tianjiao wouldn’t be harmed in any short period of time. A bit of water splashing on someone like him wouldn’t corrode his skin at all, and he wouldn’t truly be harmed unless he was submerged in the water itself.

Time ticked by, and soon it was noon. As Bai Xiaochun waited, the...

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