Chapter 453: I’ll Do Whatever You Say, Xiaochun!

In the same moment that Zhao Tianjiao walked out of his room, Chen Yueshan’s door opened and she slowly walked out, dressed exactly the same as she had been the day before.

Even as she walked out, she subconsciously turned to look at Zhao Tianjiao....

Today, Zhao Tianjiao wasn’t wearing pink. This time, he wore a long white robe and a scholar’s hat, making him look completely different than before.

He seemed refined and learned, a man of erudite knowledge, righteous instead of cold, and even smiling broadly. The smile was a bit stiff, but compared to his usual self, he seemed much warmer.

Most astonishing of all were the deep emotions which swirled in his eyes, emotions that Zhao Tianjiao didn’t need any help from Bai Xiaochun to put on display.

As he stood there outside of the door of his cabin, he looked like the picture of a young scholar preparing to go take the imperial examinations. As soon as Chen Yueshan looked over, she saw him, and their gazes met.

At that point, Chen Yueshan’s...

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