Chapter 451: Love Saint Bai Xiaochun

“I....” Zhao Tianjiao began nervously, but couldn’t even figure out what to say after that. After hearing everything that Bai Xiaochun had said so far, his heart was already filled with profound gratitude.

“Next,” Bai Xiaochun continued, “is the moon character, which represents timing and environment. We’re all on a ship right now, and the two of you are staying on the same deck. That means you have the advantage in terms of location. With me on your side, you’ll definitely succeed!” He emphasized his last words by clapping his hands together loudly, then raising his voice and continuing, “Next is the shell-money character, which I don’t think we even need to discuss. You surely have plenty of spirit stones. Last is the mortal character, which is very important, and is the antithesis of the death character. You see, despite embracing a sense of crisis within you, you must also have a calm heart. You must not let yourself get flustered; you have to keep control. And remember, as we proceed, I’ll take care of everything!”

His voice seemed to thrum with encouragement and power, causing Zhao Tianjiao’s blood to pump harder, and his mood to soar.

As for Master God-Diviner and the others present, when they heard Bai Xiaochun’s more...

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