Chapter 450: Win Charm!

Master God-Diviner took a deep breath, and Song Que stood off to the side with a look of blank shock on his face. No matter how either of them had considered the matter, they could never have guessed that the preeminently proud Zhao Tianjiao would say something like that upon entering Bai Xiaochun’s cabin.

They weren’t the only ones to be completely taken aback: Zhao Tianjiao’s two followers were also struck with shock.

That was especially true considering that the compensation Zhao Tianjiao was offering was a deva beast soul. All four of the other cultivators present were completely flabbergasted by that; back at the sect, a deva beast soul could be traded for a Nascent Soul Pill, which showed how incredibly valuable they were.

Meanwhile, Bai Xiaochun sat there cross-legged, not even having bothered to rise to his feet. In fact, he was actually frowning in displeasure.

Then he snorted coldly, flicked his sleeve and angrily said, “Elder Brother Zhao, you and I got along with each other at first sight, and it was the sincerity of your request that convinced me to help you. And yet here you go and offer compensation? Do you really think...

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