Chapter 444: 1st Place Zhao Tianjiao

As people continued to alight onto the ancient battleship, the three-eyed old man who had just emerged from the deva rainbow vanished, reappearing on the ship itself. Actually, he wasn’t alone; he was joined by five Nascent Soul cultivators.

It seemed as if the ship was just about to set sail, and yet, it was in that moment that a beam of light pierced through the air off in the distance, causing intense whistling sounds to echo through the air.

“How could I, Zhao Tianjiao, not participate in a major event such as this!?”

It was a travel-worn young man, tall and slender, with long black hair and an icy cold aura. Shocking cultivation base fluctuations rolled off him that, despite being at the great circle of the Core Formation stage, felt even more profoundly powerful than that. He actually seemed like a Nascent Soul cultivator, and even though he wasn’t quite in that level, as he approached, it was possible to see him occasionally blur to the point of being impossible to see.

In truth, he was actually using a teleportation...

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