Chapter 434: Challenging The Trials Again!

“Twelve hours....” Bai Xiaochun thought as he sped across Sky Quarter Rainbow. As of this moment, his veins of steel were pulsing, and he seemed ready to risk his life and fight to the death!

He couldn’t just let Big Fatty Zhang die, nor any of his other friends. He knew that the cultivation world was a brutal place, and that he was relatively powerless to alter the course of major events, but he still couldn’t give up. Back when war had been on the cusp of breaking out between the Spirit and Blood Stream Sects, he hadn’t given up. Back during the fight between the River-Defying Sect and the Sky River Court, he hadn’t given up. Back during the fighting at the Mountain of Legacy Seals, he hadn’t given up.

And neither would he give up now!

That was his way of walking the path of immortal cultivation. That was his decision. That was what was important to him!

Bai Xiaochun drew upon all the...

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