Chapter 432: Wracked With Anxiety!

Master God-Diviner could see how anxious Bai Xiaochun was, and knew how important Big Fatty Zhang was to him. Shivering, he replied, “Big Fatty Zhang is trying to reach Core Formation, and fell into a deadly crisis!”

Looking equally anxious, Xu Baocai offered further explanation. “Last month, Elder Brother Zhang could tell that he was on the verge of reaching Core Formation, and went into secluded meditation. Master God-Diviner and I stood as Dharma protectors outside of his immortal's cave. At first, everything seemed normal, and we assumed he would only need a couple of months to finish the process. But for some reason, on the third day, his aura began to weaken. As of now, there’s only a faint bit of it left!!”

“I went too,” Chen Manyao said anxiously, “but his immortal's cave is sealed tight, and we can’t get in. We didn’t want to blow up the door either, in case that would cause further problems.” Considering how long she had been part of...

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