Chapter 431: Master, Spare Me!

“They're just some little ghosts, right? It’ll only take a bit of thinking for Lord Bai to figure out a way to transform them into nothing but ash!” Bai Xiaochun spent several days wrestling with the problem. At first, he considered using evil-warding talismans, but considering the vast numbers of vengeful souls in the cyan trial by fire, he decided that such a method wouldn’t be very reliable.

Besides, back when he had first faced all the vengeful souls back then, he had plastered a good amount of such talismans on him, and it hadn’t done much good at all.

“Evil-warding talismans aren’t going to work. In that case, I need to concoct a medicinal pill. Only then will I be confident enough to succeed....” At that point, his eyes glittered with anticipation.

After some thinking, he came up with an idea for a new pill formula that he was sure would work. It wouldn’t require many medicinal plant ingredients, and would mostly serve as a vehicle with which to use the powers of gravity and repulsion that he had begun...

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