Chapter 428: Don’t Try To Convince Me!

There was a whole crowd of people outside who were spending merit points to watch Bai Xiaochun in the cyan trial by fire.

When they saw him screaming in the face of the endless sea of souls, strange expressions appeared on everyone’s faces. This trial by fire was a bit different than the ones before it; it tested one's ability to endure the attacks of the vengeful souls, and for how long.

Everyone had assumed that, considering Bai Xiaochun’s extraordinary performances before, he would surely pass this trial in some amazing way. But then they saw him fleeing in fear, leading first to shock on their part, and then sighing.

“Well, it’s no wonder Bai Xiaochun’s momentum faltered here. After all, this trial by fire is connected to the Wildlands, and is designed to prepare us disciples for what exists out there. Even Eldest Brother Zhao Tianjiao had trouble on his first run. It wasn’t until later that he managed to take 1st place.”

“Exactly. You know, according to a story...

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