Chapter 427: Bullies!

Outside the trial was complete silence, as all of the disciples looked on with wide eyes. Soon, their expressions began to transform into those of jealousy, envy, contemplation, awkwardness, and confusion.

The method Bai Xiaochun had used was outrageous, and yet, it had enabled him to pass what they all viewed as the incredibly difficult green trial by fire. Their minds spun in astonishment for a long moment, after which a commotion broke out which could shake heaven and earth.

“Is that really the trick?”

“No way! You can really do it that way?!?!”

“I can’t believe you can use such a perverted method to get past this trial!! Plus, Zhao Yidong had obviously already reached his limit, but then he changed methods and got 30 meters farther!!”

Conversations weren’t just echoing out on Myriad Star Rainbow, but in all of the other rainbow districts as well. Everyone was astounded by the unheard-of method Bai Xiaochun had used to get past the green trial, and many people were very excited.

There were some...

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