Chapter 426: A Naughty Bridge

“What a stingy blacksmith....” Bai Xiaochun thought as he flew into the exit. Even as he was being teleported away, he already missed the frigid sea. In the short time he had spent in it, he already advanced to the very peak of the mid Gold Core stage.

Before coming to this place, he would never have even dared to hope that such good fortune would come his way.

“If only I’d had just a bit more time, I could have broken through!” After reluctantly leaving the third trial by fire, he found himself in the fourth.

This fourth level corresponded to the green portion of the rainbow, and as soon as he arrived, he tucked away his regret at having left the third trial by fire, and looked around vigilantly. A moment later, his vigilance turned into surprise.

Here, the sky was blue and dotted with fluffy white clouds. A gentle breeze touched his face, and everything seemed very peaceful and devoid of danger.

“Hm, something's not right,” he thought. According to the information he had collected, the fourth trial by fire was related...

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