Chapter 425: Pissing Off The Guardian

When Big Fatty Zhang saw what was happening, he immediately got nervous, and cried out, “Xiaochun!”

Chen Manyao was also taken aback. As for Master God-Diviner, without even thinking about it, he began to perform an incantation gesture in the hopes of divining some information about Bai Xiaochun’s safety.

Even Song Que was completely shocked.

As for everyone else, they were also stunned, but at the same time, somewhat happy. However, in the following instant, their expressions flickered wildly.

“Why... why isn’t he teleporting out?”

“Don’t tell me he ran out of time....”

“Maybe he didn't bring in a teleportation pendant?”

“No way! Did he really die, just like that?” The sudden turn of events left everyone flabbergasted, and unsure of how to react. Based on everything they knew, Bai Xiaochun should have just teleported out as soon as he realized he was in danger.

However, after nobody appeared...

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