Chapter 424: Trial Of Skill

Because the same wind that carried Bai Xiaochun to the exit was like a heavenly tempest filling the entire trial by fire, everyone else who was still inside anxiously teleported out as soon as they could.

As they reappeared one by one outside of the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Superstars trial, not a single trace of fury could be seen on their faces. Instead, they wore expressions of incredulity and shock.

“What technique does this Bai Xiaochun cultivate? That stone golem actually took the initiative to send him to the exit!”

“How is that possible...?”

“In the red trial by fire, he swam through the sea of lava. In the orange one, the stone golem helped him. Where does this guy come from?!”

As the clamor rose up from the audience, Bai Xiaochun’s star climbed from the orange section of the rainbow into the yellow one, to join the several thousand other stars there!

That indicated that Bai Xiaochun was now in the top 5,000!

Considering the momentous event which was playing out, more and more audience...

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