Chapter 422: He’s Swimming?

What the cultivator saw was Bai Xiaochun, looking very pleased with himself and even humming a little tune as he swam merrily through the majestic sea of lava....

The cultivator’s cry of astonishment caused quite a few other disciples in the area to look over and see what was happening. The sight that met their eyes was the cultivator with the medallion shaking physically, his expression flickering between numerous emotions, his eyes so wide it seemed they might pop out of his head. Then, he raised a trembling hand to point at the star that represented Bai Xiaochun. Voice quavering with disbelief, he shouted, “He’s... he’s swimming!!”

Even more people were now looking over, and yet few seemed to understand what the cultivator was talking about. One of the curious disciples even asked, “What do you mean swimming? Who?”

“Bai Xiaochun! That guy whose star just started rising. He... he's actually swimming in the sea of lava!!” This time, the cultivator’s shout was met with complete silence. His words seemed beyond comprehension, and...

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