Chapter 408: This Square!

The entire group was crying out in alarm. None of them could have guessed that they would actually have been selected by the Hall of Devil Slayers, and even as they trembled in terror, the hallmaster glared back and said, “Shut up, all of you!”

His thunderous voice instantly crushed the entire group into silence. Neither Bai Xiaochun nor any of the rest of them could reconcile the kindly-faced old man from before with this stern hallmaster and his sharp gaze.

“In the Hall of Devil Slayers, we subdue demons and exorcise devils. The Dao we pursue is that of slaughtering our enemies. Do the lot of you really wish to forsake such honor and glory? Listen up. I'm only going to use ten percent of my speed, so don’t fall behind. The last person to meet me in the grand square of the Hall of Devil Slayers’ main temple will immediately be sent out on a very ‘important’ mission! Of course, I'm the type of person who likes to offer rewards in addition to punishments. If any of you can beat me to the square, you won’t have to go on...

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