Chapter 406: Sky Quarter

The two disciples escorting Bai Xiaochun both wore yellow robes, and eyed Bai Xiaochun more than a few times as they walked along, apparently unsure of what to make of him.

After all, he had made quite a commotion upon his arrival. Usually, these two yellow-robed disciples were quite harsh in their treatment of newcomers, but for some reason, they were being very polite to Bai Xiaochun.

“Sky Quarter Rainbow has the Ten Halls,” one of them explained, “and all newly promoted yellow-robed disciples end up joining one of them. The selection process doesn’t happen each time a disciple is promoted, but rather in groups, once per year.”

“However, your luck runs strong, Fellow Daoist Bai,” said the other. “We only have four months to go until the next Hall Selection Forum.” Not only were these two explaining how things worked on Sky Quarter Rainbow, they were also explaining his new responsibilities.

“One of the reasons Sky Quarter Rainbow is divided up into five rings is because of the Ten Halls. The inner ring is where the peak lord lives, and nobody can go there without being...

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