Chapter 405: Promotion....

The rules governing the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect’s promotion system worked in two ways. Either disciples voluntarily handed over 1,000,000 merit points to get their promotion, or, if they saved up enough merit points, the sect’s grand spell formation would detect it and automatically promote them.

Such a method had been enacted to prevent any individual from saving too many merit points, and also to control inflation within the sect. Furthermore, it wasn’t under the control of any individual, but rather, the spell formation, which was linked to the identity medallions of all disciples, making it impossible to cheat.

Of course, the second method was rarely seen, as it required a very large number of merit points. When a person’s merit points exceeded the limit, they became like a beacon on a dark night, and instantly attracted the attention of the spell formation.

Bai Xiaochun had used this exact method on Song Que. By transferring a large amount of merit points from the Azure Dragon Society...

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