Chapter 403: How Dare You Try To Hurt Me!

It wasn’t just the dozen or so Core Formation cultivators who were muttering exclamations of shock. The other cultivators in the area were also looking on with disbelieving expressions.

“There’s no way that was a minor teleportation!!”

“Core Formation cultivators can’t teleport!!”

“He must have some sort of precious treasure! Either that, or he’s mastered some special technique....”

The commotion was no surprise. Only Nascent Soul Daoist masters could perform minor teleportations, which were considered to be divine abilities that resulted when one’s consciousness began to merge with heaven and earth.

People under the Nascent Soul stage simply couldn’t do that, not unless they possessed some unusual means of accomplishing it, but even that would indicate that such a person was not the type to be trifled with.

A person who could teleport in such a way would be impossible to surround in battle, and would almost always have the initiative. A mere thought on their part could allow them to attack or retreat at will.

The pupils of...

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