Chapter 399: Song Que’s Dream...

If anyone had been there to see what was happening, they would have been deeply shaken. This was something that could not be accomplished by ordinary mid Core Formation cultivators, or even the top chosen of the generation!

Furthermore, this was the riversource Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect, whose chosen vastly surpassed those in the Lower or Middle Reaches. And yet, what Bai Xiaochun was currently doing would shock all such chosen.

And the might of the Frigid School Will-Evolving Incantation was only just revealing its potential!

“This... this is only the Frigid Adept level. When I reach the Frigid Master level....” Bai Xiaochun’s eyes shone with anticipation as he thought back to the description of the technique.

“Frigid Masters can create a 30,000-meter frigid domain with actual clones! These are just frigid shadows, not true clones!” At this point, he couldn’t help but think about the Frigid Paragon level!

“Frigid Paragons can even freeze portions of the Heavenspan River!”...

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