Chapter 398: Mid Gold Core Stage!

Chapter 398: Mid Gold Core Stage!

As soon as Bai Xiaochun took the seven-colored flag given to him by the Sky Quarter peak lord and stabbed it into the ground in that desert, everything in the 5-kilometer area around it became his personal property. The matter instantly caused a major commotion within Sky City.

The news spread like wildfire, until everyone in the entire city was talking about the matter in tones of complete shock and disbelief.

“Personal property?! How... how is that even possible?!”

“There are less than ten places in all of Sky City that count as personal property, and they’re only given out as rewards for people who perform incredible meritorious service for Sky Quarter Rainbow!! The Azure Dragon Society obviously has some powerful backers!!”

“That’s what I said! Everyone was wondering why the Azure Dragon Society dared to challenge the Celestial Sky Society, and now we know! The Boss Azure Dragon is incredibly mysterious and unfathomable. It wouldn’t be surprising if he had a deva on his side!”

Even as word spread in the city, the news was brought to...

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