Chapter 390: Kidnap Bai Xiaochun

Chapter 390: Kidnap Bai Xiaochun

“I want to live like this too!!” Xu Baocai wailed inwardly as he watched Bai Xiaochun leave.

A moment later, Master God-Diviner rose from his bow, cleared his throat, and said, “Brother Xu, it's been a few months. How did you end up in such a bad situation?”

Xu Baocai’s wrath was immediately aroused. After all, it had been the goading of Master God-Diviner that had convinced him to leave Bai Xiaochun to begin with. However, he knew that now was not the time to give voice to his anger. All he could do was put a bitter expression on his face and curse Master God-Diviner inwardly.

Master God-Diviner actually felt a bit bad. Sighing, he said, “Don’t blame me for all this. Even I had no idea that our junior patriarch would rise to such shocking heights.... In Sky City, not everything depends on cultivation base, you know.” With that, Master God-Diviner arranged for a place for Xu Baocai to stay, and even gave him some merit points as pocket money....

As Master God-Diviner led Xu Baocai to his new accomodations, Xu Baocai came to realize that Master God-Diviner also occupied a lofty position within the Azure Dragon Society; all the cultivators...

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