Chapter 374: Hostage!

Chapter 374: Hostage!

A boy appeared up above, wearing a long red robe. As he strode forth, the pressure that felt like heavenly might grew even more intense.

Ripples even appeared on the surface of the Heavenspan River, and the plants and vegetation in all four mountain ranges of the River-Defying Sect bent over as if they were bowing in obeisance.

If even the plants and vegetation were affected, it almost wasn’t necessary to mention the cultivators. Frigidsect and the other patriarchs hesitated for only a moment; as soon as they saw that boy, expressions of dread rose on their faces.

Even the Dire Skybanyan was trembling.

“A deva....” Frigidsect said, trembling. He exchanged a glance with Crimsonsoul and Master Godwind. They had heard about this boy; in the vast eastern cultivation world, there was only one Deva Realm expert who maintained the physical appearance of a child....

He was one of the five Deva Realm experts of the Starry Sky Dao Polarity Sect, Li Yuantian!

Frigidsect, Crimsonsoul and Master Godwind immediately clasped hands in formal greeting and said, “Greetings, Senior Li!”

The other Nascent Soul cultivators were shaken, and quickly followed suit.

Bai Xiaochun...

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