Chapter 372: They’re Talking About Me!

Chapter 372: They’re Talking About Me!

Bai Xiaochun hadn’t been gone very long, and furthermore, everyone had been aware of the purpose behind his departure. As such, the entire sect had been quietly awaiting his return, and wondering what had occurred.

Although everyone had been prepared for the worst, no one had been able to keep from wondering what it would be like if Bai Xiaochun managed to pull off a miracle.

Actually, the patriarchs had already sent word back to the sect about the result. Everyone knew that the River-Defying Sect had acquired one hundred percent of the resources, that the other three sects had been crushed, and that Bai Xiaochun had single-handedly driven countless Chosen crazy.

Therefore, as soon as Bai Xiaochun returned, the entire sect erupted into wild cheering that shook the heavens.

“Elder Brother Bai, you’re incredible!”

“The junior patriarch smashed the Starry River Court and trampled the Polarity River Court. He’s unparalleled under heaven!”

Bai Xiaochun had just stepped off of the Heavenhorn Sword, and when he heard all of the cheering, he was instantly enliven...

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