Chapter 368: Let Me Explain

Chapter 368: Let Me Explain

“What is your River-Defying Sect doing in there? This is wrong!” The red-haired old man from the Starry River Court was trembling from the enormity of the situation. After all, the Starry River Court would be hard pressed to deal with a furious Dao River Court and Polarity River Court.

In fact, it was now possible to tell that only about a third of the anger of those two sects was directed at the River-Defying Sect, with the rest being reserved for the Starry River Court!

Therefore, the only option left for them was to try to drag the River-Defying Sect down too.

However, even as the words left his mouth, the sky above began to shake, and a gigantic, blinding figure of light appeared out of thin air. Instantly, intense pressure weighed down, and the lands began to quake. All of the Nascent Soul cultivators immediately clasped hands and bowed formally.

“Greetings, Emissary!”

The figure of light looked at the temple in the middle of the stone spell formation, but despite the level of his cultivation base, he wasn't able to see exactly what was happening inside. Of course, he didn’t really...

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