Chapter 367: Living Mountain Incantation!

Chapter 367: Living Mountain Incantation!

It was so bright that it was almost painful to look at, as if it were the only light which existed. Even the light from the other three sects combined was completely and utterly crushed by it.

“W-what’s... what’s going on!?!?”

“Don’t tell me that all of the legacy seals are being taken by only one person from the River-Defying Sect?!”


“Heavens, even when the Dao River Court took first place last time, the light wasn’t this bright. How... how many legacy seals does that represent?” The Nascent Soul experts from the three sects were all shocked. The red-haired old man from the Starry River Court was physically shaking, and his face was covered with an expression of utter incredulity.

“Maybe the circle got broken somehow...?” he murmured. The Nascent Soul Daoist master from the Polarity River Court was panting, and a look of unprecedented anxiety could be seen in his eyes.

Originally, the matter of redistributing the...

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