Chapter 365: What’s That...?

Chapter 365: What’s That...?

“We’re only talking about two sealing marks,” he said in a cold voice. “Is the River-Defying Sect really not even confident in getting two little sealing marks?” The red-haired old man narrowed his eyes.

Master Godwind maintained his silence, as did Patriarch Crimsonsoul. The two of them looked over at Frigidsect. If the River-Defying Sect won a bet like this, it would be a big gain for their sect. Getting a Starry Meteor would make up for some of the losses that were going to occur within the legacy competition.

However, if they lost, and had to hand over a Heavenspan Battleship, the overall battle prowess of the River-Defying Sect would be significantly reduced.

In the end, the Heavenspan Battleship at stake belonged to the Spirit Stream Division, and furthermore, Frigidsect knew Bai Xiaochun better than the other two. Therefore, he was the one who would make the final decision.

Frigidsect looked up at the dark circle which represented the River-Defying Sect, and took a moment to think back to all the miraculous things Bai Xiaochun had accomplished. If they won the bet, it would be...

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